Genesis of Red Swastik

The idea of forming Red Swastik Society was conceived in 2001 by Dr T. S. BHAL - IPS, Rtd. ADGP, MS along with like-minded persons, well-wishers and friends in Mumbai, to provide service to mankind and introduce the world with Indian magnanimity under the auspicious indigenous symbol "Swastik".

The journey of serving mankind since 2001 has been very encouraging in terms of extending help to needy, neglected and disadvantage groups through dedication and solidarity of the members from different strata of society : social, economical and religious/faiths which resulted virtually in evolution of Swastik Pariwar.

Now it’s the turn serve the elders in addition to on-going activities, through the dedicated project “Shiwalaya - a home for dignified living for seniors" on the 4 acres donated by Architect Shri. Acharekar and family from Mumbai.

The experience, comments and suggestions from the residents / inmates of Shiwalaya will certainly help us in incorporating and inducting several special features to Shiwalaya in future.

Shiwalaya project is funded by several self-reliant well to do persons/donors with the sole motive to pay back to the society. It practically survives on the donations from public & corporate houses and contribution of members. It is operated on the principle of “NO PROFIT & NO LOSS”.

It is a strong and firm belief of the members of Red Swastik Society that collective efforts would certainly result in strengthening human bonds and confidence in pursuing the mission to serve mankind undertaken in 2001.